Various types of softwares that you must know

The software can be understood as a part of the computer system- It is a program that enables the use of the computer and other devices. The software consists of some instructions that provided the user with a way to interact with the computer and all of its components such as the hardware so that the task at hand can be performed. There is not one particular kind of software, their operation and their uses vary. It can be a set of programs that enables the user to use it for a specific purpose as instructed or it can be the set of programs. They are embedded on the devices like the computer of mobile phones, to serve its core purposes to its many users. Without these software programs, the hardware is not capable of providing services. This software is usually packed in CD-ROMs and diskettes with the manuals, user guide, warranty and other needed papers but now, at this day and age of advancement, most of the software programs can be bought on the internet from various sites for free or for a price.

There is two main type of software. The two type of software is the broad category under which some software is laid.

The two types of software are – System software and Application software. In this article, we will be looking for these two broad types.

  1. System Software – These types of software programs are linked to the hardware such as the CPU, RAM, Disk, etc., to manage the computer with the system operation as the components of the computer need instructions to work, the instructions that make up the operation of the system are known as the disk operation system (DOS) which are the very first files that are to be installed on the hard drive. The files are installed to inform the various components of the computer about the various tasks needed to carry out and manage the files and systems. The system software connects the hardware and the other programs and supports the application systems. Its role is to act as the middle program where the hardware and the application of the user meet to function. There is various sub section to the system software, they are:
    1. Operating system
    2. Language translators
    3. Common utility programs
  1. Application Software – While the system software works in the background as programs of the computer system, the application software deals only with a particular task that it is programmed to carry out. There is an infinite amount of application software that is working for the specific need. These are the programs that work with the certain purpose of the users. Application software is more known to the general as the other term for it is called ‘Apps’. Many can download these apps from various sources, and it is not hard to do so. Some of the application software are:
    1. Word processor
    2. Multimedia software
    3. Graphic software
    4. Database software
    5. Education and reference software
    6. Web browser

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